EAN, GTIN and other specific codes are no longer an essential precondition for the search. This allows Aimondo to achieve the highest accuracy of any competitor. Go for precision.

smart pricing software

Self-learning algorithm

As a self-learning algorithm, Aimondo repeatedly improves this key asset with every new search query for each product. Always with thefocus on increasing precision and efficiency.

The compass for competition and market trends

Keep a constant eye on your competitors and analyze their strategy.Our solution helps you to recognize trends early and supports your tactical decisions.

smart pricing software
smart pricing software

Aimondo Omnichannel Intelligence

Aimondo browses all e-commerce portals. Even on eBay, all products will be identified thanks to neuronal text recognition. Other providers will fail in market places like this.


Insights. Transparency. Evaluation.

Benefit from a comprehensive view of products, the market and its track record. A variety of significant statistics will enlighten your critical success factors with ease.

smart pricing software

Precision. Speed. Completeness.

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