With Aimondo providing a compass for market and price shifts, your offerings are ideally and competitively priced in all sales channels.


The best of two worlds 

E-commerce has the advantage of speed over stationary retail. Retail, however, has the advantage of an emotional shopping experience. Don ́t settle for half. With Aimondo, we connect successfully online and offline.

Aimondo Smart Scan

Eye to eye with online competition

With daily updates on the market and competition, you can launch important campaigns at exactly the right time. Create strong customer loyalty and customer satisfaction both online and offline. Aimondo sets the necessary stage to be at eye level with the competition. And the ability to take care of the customer. At any time. Every time.

The decisive add-on to your merchandise planning and control system

Aimondo starts where ERP systems are at their wits` end. Capture actual market data and competitors information for online and retail in order to operate quickly, productively and successfully. Aimondo supplements your control systems seamlessly and is far more than a mere business intelligence solution.

Your future success is digital, too!

Enrich your dealer ́s competence with innovative, digital control tools that have never been accessible to retailers before. Aimondo escorts you directly to the individual product on the shelf.Get ready for Connected Commerce and secure your future success by making customer-relevant decisions based on digital intelligence.


Successfully connect retail with e-commerce!

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