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Our AI-based analysis and pricing tools are world leaders and provide you with the transparency you need with regard to all aspects of your business. Get started with a data analysis that really deserves the name.


Price monitoring - all prices at a glance

Sustainable increases in sales and profits can be achieved in e-commerce. You just have to set the optimal prices. This is exactly where Aimondo's price monitoring helps you. We rely on lightning-fast data analysis by AI, supported by modern methods of pattern recognition. Not only do you find out everything you need to know about products and prices, but you are also informed before the competition.

Monitoring is the basis for your price campaigns

Knowing more about other providers will help you plan your campaigns better. We provide you with the data that you can use to assess the effectiveness of the campaigns you have carried out. Readjust in the right places and develop a powerful pricing strategy. As a retailer, you can even find out how successful your competitors have been and can adopt their concepts for success for your campaigns.


Repricing - react quickly to all market changes

Today repricing means using all available data, understanding the market and acting accordingly. We support you with a superior AI solution for pricing that does not leave out any information. Thanks to our help, you can adjust prices in both directions and reliably achieve the optimal sales level.

Huge amounts of data are no longer a hurdle for retailers today

Our AI solution handles even the largest amounts of data with ease. It doesn't matter how many products you want to include in pricing. With Aimondo, you will find the optimal price for every product in every category. Dynamic pricing is the answer to a market environment that is constantly changing. Break away from the competition. Thanks to our repricing solution, you don't even have to invest manual labor.

Price alert - your early warning system for price changes

Success in e-commerce today is no coincidence, but the result of optimal preparation. Be ready for sudden changes in the market with our SaaS price alert solution. Has a competitor fallen below or exceeded an important price threshold? You will find out immediately. Aimondo's price alert enables every retailer to do this. You can concentrate on your work and still not miss anything that is happening in the market.

World class competitive analysis

Examine your competitors and find out everything you need to know about changes in the market. Competitive analysis is one of the supreme disciplines in e-commerce, and we will take you very far ahead. You will receive complete data of the highest quality about other providers and their articles. Our AI does your homework for you in competitive analysis, and you make the important strategic decisions.

Range optimization the smart way

Become a master in product range optimization. It's easy with Aimondo. You use all relevant real-time data, never miss an important trend and, as a retailer, make optimal decisions. Who are the winners in your product range in terms of sales and where is there room for improvement? Thanks to our solution, you can see this at a glance. We solve the problem of data acquisition and analysis for you, and you take the concrete measures.

Embrace the future of pricing


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