Set the optimal price for each item: That is what repricing is all about. Create the conditions for more sales and conversion by relying on smart technologies. Our service collects all competitive data essential for implementing a successful pricing strategy

With us, an AI will help you with pricing

Businesses today have to perform the perfect pricing for a wide variety of articles. That can hardly be done manually, but our Repricing Tool provides a remedy. Intelligent algorithms support data processing and take into account all aspects which are important to your pricing . Rely on our service to avoid wasting potential for sales and conversions.


The repricing software collects all relevant data

What is the current situation with the competition, who is calling for which products at what price and what are the delivery times and availabilities? You can obtain the answers from our software for successful repricing. Market observation is the key to margin optimization and pricing that really delivers the best result for you.

Always up to date

Alerts will be sent out to you when something changes in the competition. You have the power to decide which changes are relevant for alerts. For example, you can immediately find out about changes to the sales prices and can react promptly.

Set prices correctly and dynamically

Fixed prices are not the answer to flexible competition. Set rules for dynamic pricing and respond to all changes. Your market position and competitiveness depend on which prices are viable. With our help you always set the price so that you achieve the optimal sales level and, thanks to Dynamic Pricing, you do not even have to invest manual labor to do so.


Repricing in both directions for maximum success

Our repricing tool can raise and lower prices and determine what is optimal for your product in the respective category. Are you in a price war and you do not recognize any inventory at your competitors? The tool raises the price and makes sure you sell at a better margin . That is why market observation is at the center of our pricing solution.

Give prices the importance they deserve

Our solution for dynamic repricing is all about the optimal selling price. Prices which are too high drive customers to the competition, but low prices reduce the margin. The tool ensures that the perfect price is just a click away. This works because you always have an eye on online marketplaces, price comparison sites and the online shops of the competition, and in real time.

All data at a glance

We offer you a professional solution for your repricing in every detail. The tool informs you about the current competitive prices on the key portals such as Google, Amazon, idealo or eBay. Have access to all information, including your internal business data, to make significantly better decisions. With our solution you always maintain full control over your pricing strategy.

Scalable and automated strategies

The repricing tool consistently relies on automation and an AI based pattern recognition in the data. You will receive the price proposals with which you can implement your strategy in the best possible way. This also works with ranges that are particularly large and diversified. Our solution for the pricing is scaled as you need it.

You determine the rules for Dynamic Pricing

With our tool, we leave it up to you how finely you want to control the pricing strategy based on rules. This works on the level of certain categories and product groups. However, you can also set the rules for the individual product.

Every day. For all products. The best prices.


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