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Thanks to our algorithms, our AI automatically generates competitor information with enormous depth. The global rollout has begun.

Aimondo offers guaranteed multiple success for on- and offline merchants. The fastest growing and the most competitive markets in the world. And that’s why Aimondo’s clients, founders and investors maximize their opportunities in the commercially most successful part of the economy 4.0. Because Aimondo combines the potential of online commerce with the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Success in eCommerce has certain rules. Aimondo has analyzed the key findings and linked them to the Aimondo algorithm.

With Aimondo’s work results, relevant revenue increases become Aimondo’s customers benfit. More sales and more income. As a result, Aimondo’s operating business has already defined an annual revenue target of> 47 million euros per year in its fifth operating fiscal year – while maintaining the high gross profit.

Internet and digitization have changed the world more than any other technology over the last 20 years.

This also applies to commerce – e-commerce. The trend towards the online sale of goods of all kinds will continue in the coming years. Supported by the increase in offers, as well as smartphones and tablet computers as a permanent, always connected to the Internet companion of customers.

No company can ignore this change. The framework conditions of the economy change fundamentally during the course of the digital transformation. Companies that are not responding to this development, or only hesitant, are at risk of being overwhelmed by the dynamics of digital transformation or being ousted by innovative providers.

Technology thus becomes a strategic instrument. For example, the online retailer Amazon turns the price screw several times a day. And that with an assortment of around 20 million articles worldwide. Sometimes the prices drop, sometimes they increase. Who does this right, can lift his profits by a double-digit percentage amount. In addition to the operating result, you can significantly influence and control your market position.

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