Price Monitoring

With Aimondo's price monitoring, you can keep an eye on price developments on the market and always choose the optimal sales price. Our software solution promotes sustainable sales and profit increases in e-commerce.

price monitoring

What is price monitoring?

With price monitoring, you gain a global overview of the market with regard to the sales prices of products and you always stay one step ahead of the competition. We use powerful algorithms and the latest AI approaches to evaluate data faster and to inform you in good time about price changes from the competition. Thanks to this real-time price monitoring, you can react faster and adapt your own price strategy. This is because sales prices are the decisive success factor for every online shop. With our help you will never miss any important price developments.

Keep an eye on the competition at all times

You have to make important decisions about your pricing every day. Prices that are too high drive your customers to the competition, while prices that are too low leave your sales potential unused. Our monitoring helps you hit the price sweet spot and perfect your strategy. With Aimondo you get an overview of historical price developments, regardless of the device or location used. With us you can use software as a service and optimal prices for your business are just a click away.

price monitoring

Act faster than the competition

The right price is always the right price at the right time. It is therefore crucial to be faster than your competition. Price monitoring enables you to do this by creating the desired market transparency in the shortest possible time.
You can see price changes immediately and react to them.

price monitoring

Price monitoring in real time

Artificial intelligence and modern approaches to machine learning are one reason why Aimondo can take price monitoring to a new level for you. Depending on the plan chosen, you can use our tool to monitor tens of thousands of items at the same time without any manual effort. Automation through our AI is key here. Much of the data on the various websites is difficult to monitor and, for instance, only accessible from a certain region. Or the data often changes its structure. This is not an obstacle for our service. Our AI always finds a way to get the price data and make it available to you in an uncomplicated way.

AI-supported for the desired price transparency

Aimondo uses self-learning AI to monitor prices. This improves steadily and brings your company increasing benefits over time. Many routine tasks in the observation, analysis and setting of prices can now be automated thanks to artificial intelligence. This frees up resources that are available for additional campaigns, for example.

price monitoring

Powerful pricing tool, easy access for everyone

You do not need any special skills or knowledge to start price monitoring with Aimondo. Its operation is designed for simplicity and allows you to conveniently monitor price data. And integration with your existing ERP or shop system is just as easy.

Better planning for future campaigns

Knowing more about your and other vendors' prices, and assessing how effective past pricing campaigns have been, will help you plan for the future. You even get the opportunity to analyze and see through your competitors' pricing strategies. How successful was your competition last Black Friday and what lessons can you learn from it? You can find out quickly thanks to our monitoring solution.

Get started with dynamic pricing with price monitoring

The easiest way to stay competitive is to have your prices adjusted automatically. Our dynamic pricing sets the product prices for you using predefined rules and makes optimal decisions. This increases your reaction speed when market conditions change.

Overview of all countries

Who is currently offering which products at what price? Thanks to price monitoring, you can monitor any country and always know where your competitors are active with which price strategies. This offers you more options to optimize prices in good time.

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