Price Monitoring Has Never Been So Easy

Aimondo’s price monitoring tool is the only tool you need to rely on to make smart decisions. Using the right tool, it’s easy to maintain price intelligence.

Your advantages at a glance

Return on Investment

• Top product ranking

• Higher sales volumes
(top-line up to + 10%)

• Always maximized margins (at times up to + 20%)

• EBIT Increasing

Smart Decision

• Identify trends

• Achieve the strategic

• Monitor competition

• Best possible price adjustments (“24/7”)

made easy

• Top results in real time

• No IT setup
thanks to AI

• Personal contact

• SFTP, API & Online Shop

Our customers trust us

Optimal market transparency through the use of AI solutions

You can rely on us to analyze trends, competitors and prices in detail to build up your market knowledge. Stay competitive with our pricing tool. E-commerce is always evolving, making it increasingly important for retailers to monitor the market and their competitors. Meanwhile, it is crucial for brands to protect their own image and RRP. To adopt the best possible price adjustments, you can work with our price monitoring tool 24/7 in real time. This is how our repricing tool helps you to optimize your prices and thus maximize your own revenue. Our professional pricing tool acts as a pricing analyst, optimizing pricing as part of a product analysis and determining competitive prices compared to your competitors.

brand protection

Big Data for better results

With our pricing tool we use professional data evaluation powered by AI and support you with modern developed pattern recognition. As a result, while learning everything you need to know about products and prices, you’ll also be one step ahead of the competition. It is crucial to be able to react flexibly to competitors’ price changes and adjust your own range at the relevant time. AI-based technologies, such as our price monitoring tool, can analyze large volumes of information and suggest the optimal prices in response.

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