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Price Monitoring Has Never Been So Easy

Aimondo’s Price Monitoring Tool is the only tool you need to rely on to make smart decisions. Using the monitoring solution, it’s easy to maintain market intelligence. Develop your own market strategy and implement it.

Your Advantages at a Glance

Return on Investment

• Top product ranking

• Higher sales volumes
(top-line up to + 10%)

• Always maximized margins (at times up to + 20%)

• EBIT Increasing

Smart Decision

• Identify trends

• Achieve the strategic

• Monitor competition

• Best possible price adjustments (“24/7”)

made easy

• Top results in real time

• No IT setup
thanks to AI

• Personal contact

• SFTP, API & Online Shop

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Optimal Market Transparency on a Daily Basis

You can rely on us to analyze trends, competitors and prices in detail to build up your market knowledge. Stay competitive with our Price Monitoring Tool.

Ecommerce is always evolving, making it increasingly important for retailers to monitor competitor price and the market. Meanwhile, it is crucial for brands to protect their own image and RRP. To make the best possible price adjustments, you can work with our price monitoring tool 24/7 in real time. You can optimize your prices and thereby maximize your own revenue.

Aimondo Competitor Price Monitoring Software makes it easy to keep track of your competitors’ prices matching your products accordingly. Equipped with functions such as MAP monitoring, competitive analysis or price alerts, Aimondo Repricing Software is your partner for competitive intelligence. This way, you will develop an intelligent market strategy.

Our professional Price Monitoring Tool acts as a pricing analyst. As part of a product analysis, your prices will be optimized and compared against your competitors’ prices.

Trust the AI!

Permanent Increase in Revenue Using AI

This is where our Price Monitoring Software comes in. It enables a sustainable and feasible pricing strategy based on current internal and external conditions. Aimondo’s Competitor Pricing Monitoring Software can help you keep up with the competition and be successful in e-commerce.

Online retailers can only stay competitive as well as make profits in the long run if they adjust their product prices. Both price and competition play an essential role in attracting reliable customers. Developed over many years and based on scientific knowledge, Aimondo offers the best price monitoring and adjustment tool for your products. Reduce forecasting errors and get clear and reliable information with the Aimondo Pricing Tool.

The right use of our Price Monitoring Tool maximizes your business profit. Simply because you can quickly influence the price development, resulting in an increase in sales performance.

Act Strategically Using Competitor Price Tracking!

By using price monitoring, you acquire a clear overview of the global market on product sales prices. Our advanced algorithms and the latest AI solutions enable you to analyze data faster. Get up-to-date information about price changes of your competitors. 

With competitor monitoring, retailers can easily implement a pricing strategy. Automation allows you to increase your sales while targeting your own products and those of your competitors.

Our Price Monitoring Tool captures what is happening in the market and then suggests the ideal price. In this process, the respective market situations and your specific goals are taken into account. Retailers and manufacturers are taking advantage of automation in pricing to minimize the high manual effort required to monitor the market. This can save them valuable time that could be used for more important things.

Dynamic Pricing Can Be Easy

It is important to react quickly to price changes in rapidly growing markets. Thanks to our AI-based Price Monitoring Tool, you have a solid handle on the market, your competitors, and your own products or brands. 

With Aimondo as your pricing analyst, you can always optimally adjust your prices to market changes and trends. Aimondo helps you to choose the optimal selling price by product matching and analyzing the market. Our Pricing Software is designed for competitive sectors such as e-commerce pricing.

In this way, Aimondo Price Monitoring Tool ensures sustainable sales and profit increases in e-commerce. You can achieve these goals with our powerful Competitor Price Monitoring Tool. All you need to do is set the optimal prices.

For potential customers, the optimal price can be an attraction to buy at the key moment. Dynamic repricing is an important element in promoting your own sales success. Aimondo Repricing Tool offers an easy way to build dynamic price adjustments into your marketing strategy to drive success.

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Big Data for Better Results

With our Price Tracking Software we use professional data evaluation powered by AI and support you with modern developed pattern recognition. You will learn about products and prices, and your market strategy will help you stay ahead of the competition.

It is important to be able to respond quickly to competitor’s price changes and adjust your own product assortment accordingly. AI-based technologies, such as Aimondo Price Monitoring Tool, can analyze large volumes of information and suggest the optimal prices.

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