Price alert

The path to success in e-commerce requires optimal pricing. Thanks to the price alert, you won't miss any more current developments and can adjust your prices as soon as necessary. Aimondo can help you with its superior SaaS solution.

price alert

Our wake-up call for your prices

Thanks to price monitoring, you can see immediately when significant price thresholds are undercut or exceeded. Set the alarms for your most important products and categories and sit back. If something important happens on the market, you will immediately receive a message on the desired device.

Take a close look at the competition

Data analysis is paramount today when it comes to staying one step ahead of the competition. Aimondo relies on the most modern approaches in the field of machine learning and automatically evaluates relevant price and other data. This is a decisive advantage when you are dealing with a barely manageable number of products and dealers in your business.

price alert
price alert

It can be that easy to set the price alarm

Keep your prices on track with our price optimization solution, including price alarm. You determine when manual intervention is required on your part and set the price alarm as required. You will only receive the warning messages if you think it is really necessary.

Set up your own warning center

With Aimondo you get access to advanced tools for determining the best price, analyzing the competition and many other tasks. If someone crosses set price thresholds, you will find out immediately. You can intervene selectively and concentrate on aspects of your product range that are currently important. Use your resources wisely with our help.

Full price control thanks to warnings and reports

At Aimondo, you benefit from in-depth data analysis. And we ensure that you receive the most important information in a usable form in good time. Set your alerts and configure reports to include all the essential data. You will receive this visually in the best possible way and you can filter the results as you wish.

price alert
price alert

Use price alerts for your category management

Category management is one of your most important marketing tools because it enables you to align product groups with buyers' needs. Make more of your product group management and upgrade it with our price alarm functions. React to important price changes and achieve even higher sales.

Go even deeper into margin optimization

We provide decision-makers with the data that is essential for optimal pricing. We provide you with modern tools for monitoring your products and dealers and enable you to increase your margin. You can see immediately where there is a risk of falling prices and you will always be the first to find out about important changes in the market.

Alerts increase your reaction speed

In e-commerce, it is crucial to react quickly to changes and to initiate the necessary measures immediately. The alerts show you when actions are required. Do not miss any more opportunities when the market changes and be faster than the competition.

Define pricing strategy and implement it consistently

Our services provide you with all the data you need to improve your decision-making basis and define a successful pricing strategy. The price alarm ensures that you are actually implementing your strategy and reliably detecting price changes that counteract your plans.

Protect your brand with an effective early warning system for prices

Pricing has top priority, changes may be required at any time. We enable you to establish a full-fledged early warning system in order to set prices optimally in line with your strategy. The alarm is triggered at the price thresholds that you define. Our tool allows you to accurately set every detail you want for the price alert.

Simple. Superiror. Game-changer.


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