Optimising the range of products

Make the right decisions for your range using real-time data. With our range optimization service, you can find out everything you need to know about marketplaces and competitors and stay tuned to the latest developments.

Optimising the range of products

Use all the data for a masterful range optimization

Success in e-commerce is a demanding matter; optimal prices alone are not enough. You also need to have the right products, and we can help you with that. Aimondo provides you with tools for data acquisition and makes markets and competitors transparent. See at a glance who the winners are in your range and where there are still gaps.

Never miss a trend with Aimondo

The big online retailers like Amazon are so strong because they recognize trends early on and use them optimally to their own advantage. You can do that too, if you rely on advanced methods for data analysis and range optimization. The data comes directly from your competition and from the relevant price comparison portals.

Optimising the range of products
Optimising the range of products

Maintain your high standards for product pages

Even with a large number of products and retailers, you can monitor the content of product pages with little effort with our help. Make sure that retailers' product pages display the information you want and adhere to any standards that apply to your brand.

Always keep an eye on stock availability

With our service, you monitor all dealers relevant to you and keep track of stock availability. This is crucial information for making the right choice in the product range. We will notify you of all developments so that you do not miss any more changes in availability.

Optimising the range of products

When it comes to your products, no detail is neglected

With the help of our software, you can check all attributes for a consistent range optimization. Look at descriptions, product names, properties and photos and find out whether your products are optimally presented online. Then your customers can use the information available to make the purchasing decisions they want.

Get full control of your range

If you can reliably identify a current trend, it will be easy to have the right products and top-sellers in the range. We'll tell you more and show you which of your competitors also have these products on offer at what prices.

Optimising the range of products

More intelligence for your catalog

It takes a lot of work to be optimally positioned with your catalog. Leave manual approaches behind and automate with the help of AI. With thousands of products and hundreds of dealers, this is the sure way to take a pioneering role with your catalog, even in dynamic markets.

Always one step ahead of the competition

Use our software to find out everything about current price developments in the various categories in real time. You can see immediately how the competition is positioned, whether products will soon be sold out and what reviews they have received. With us, you can find out what the competition would like to know about you.

Record all movements on the market

The market is constantly changing, and so should your range. Which brands are on the move, in which categories have new products been added and which marketing materials are we dealing with? Aimondo's service will answer these questions and enable you to get started with data analysis.

Make the best choice of product range

Data will help you better understand the market and all of its terms. Include the right products in the catalog at the right time and in the right quantities and never miss a trend. When data analysis replaces gut instinct, you have taken the decisive step towards more sales. Aimondo offers you all the options with its SaaS solution and ensures that you no longer leave any potential unused for your product range.

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