Aimondo provides a comprehensive tool for competitive analysis, pricing and market analysis in a professional and easy-to- understand interface. Business Intelligence meets Artificial Intelligence.

The most comprehensive scan on the market

Aimondo is the world’s best AI-based analysis and pricing tool for superior price management. Our products achieve this quality based on neuronal 3D pattern and image recognition. This allows us to record almost 100% of the market, whereas the average of our competitors only covers approx. 55%

Aimondo Smart Scan

Pricing and price intelligence

Make the best decisions based on the superior data quality that our scans provide. Save valuable time on pricing by using full automation. Nevertheless, you always can preset the minimum prices.

Smart Repricing

Start immediately.

Aimondo is a SaaS solution that neither requires an interface (API) nor is it an expensive in-house IT project. Get started right away and decrease your IT department’s workload.


Immediate return on investment

Increase margins, reduced marketing costs, the best possible search engine ranking and hence significantly increased profit ensure an immediate return on investment. Our solution for Google Shopping optimizes your quality score, improves your conversion rate and lowers your marketing expenses simultaneously.

Get new customers through a systematic approach

Both the customer relationship and customer satisfaction are crucial for the long-term success of an online shop. Our intelligent pricing will boost your customers’ confidence significantly and will facilitate your acquisition of new clients.

Embrace the future of pricing

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