At any moment you have a precise and complete overview of all market dynamics. Market researchers have had to work with a variety of data sources, including industry overviews, association statistics, and consumer and retail panels.It’s all much more accurate and easier now. Always at your fingertips with just one tool

Big Data under control

Quantitative, digitized market research in real time is an absolute novelty. Extensive inventory data and daily updated sales data are aggregated into Big Data. A meaningful use of this flood of data to predict buying behavior is only possible with comprehensive software support and the capabilities of applied artificial intelligence. Aimondo is a specialist for Big Data and its professional evaluation

Aimondo Smart Scan

Holistic information for e-commerce and brands

Aimondo offers quantitative research on markets and buying behavior in a uniquely holistic system approach. Product Search, Purchase Analysis and Pricing Strategies are processed, prioritized and visually presented in the Aimondo Management Dashboard using Artificial Intelligence

International market research in real time

Market researchers find in Aimondo an innovative and highly preciseworking tool for international market analysis and trend monitoring in 35 countries. Up to now, international evaluations have only beenavailable with great delay due to complex data consolidation. The innovative Aimondo algorithm scans international markets in a matter of seconds. All currencies. All online trading systems.


Discover the new lightness. Say goodbye to complexity.

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