Market intelligence

Market intelligence means being aware of the market position of your own products. Use the possibilities of an automated analysis and see where your products are in the life cycle and at which points there is a need for action.

market intelligence

Thinking beyond the price trend

Aimondo helps you act smarter and readjust marketing and sales where it really matters. With our Competitor Monitoring, you can behave intelligently at all times and keep an eye on the product life cycle and the competition. We give you insights into the data that go far beyond the mere price trend.

How do you compare to the competition?

Comprehensive data analyses are indispensable today for assessing the market position. With us, you can find out everything about marketplaces, dealers and price comparison portals. Which retailers are particularly important for my products and how are the competitors currently behaving? Recognize faster when you slip in the ranking and take countermeasures in good time.

market intelligence

Stand in a better position online with your own products

Anyone who has market intelligence knows exactly where their products are and does not have to settle for second place. With the Aimondo service, you can see the current state of market shares immediately and what your relevant categories and portals are. This is important information in order to obtain a meaningful comparison.

Have the important bestseller lists firmly in view

It is the large marketplaces and platforms and their bestseller lists that determine the success of your products. Use the possibilities of modern data analysis and observe the changes in product rankings. You can see immediately where your position is strong and where you are in danger of slipping.

React faster when the situation changes - and beat the competition with intelligence

If there are gaps in the retailer range or if the availability of the goods deteriorates, we will inform you immediately. That is the advantage that our modern service offers for price and product analysis. With our help, you will reliably ensure that your products are in a healthy position on the market and that any problems that arise can be reliably identified.

market intelligence

Recognize trends in the market before the competition

Our service provides you with the data you need to identify trends. See immediately what is changing in the market and react to it. The information from our evaluations gives you the decisive advantage over the competition: a higher reaction speed.

Develop powerful strategies based on hard data

Market intelligence is more than just recognizing trends. If you manage to predict market developments with our help, you will obtain decisive advantages for your strategy. Get valuable insights into all current changes, adjust the RRP competitively and draw the right conclusions for your product management.

Develop your products in the right direction

If you want to improve your market position, optimizing products is an important step in this direction. And we help you with in-depth data analyses. The market information received provides you with the decisive impetus for the further development of your products. Don't let any potential lie unused when it comes to improving your market position.

Optimal support for your value creation process

Those who have market intelligence understand the market and its products better. This is essential when introducing completely new products or for relaunching. Aimondo provides you with all the data you need for a better understanding of markets and product ranges.

Competitor Monitoring - speed ahead of the competition

With us, branded goods companies consistently focus on monitoring the competition - and can depend on it. Where is your competition selling online, what prices do they charge and how do your products behave? Monitoring provides you with all the answers. Actively approach dealers who sell your competitors' products in important categories but not yet your own. We will help you to reveal all the existing gaps.

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