Aimondo MAP monitoring

MAP monitoring helps you to keep control over brand perception and to avoid price wars. Monitor the development of your products in all markets as well as those of your competitors and their portfolios. Identify the market price level and find out who is falling below your minimum prices

map monitoring

Keeping an eye on the RRP MAP deterioration

Aimondo gives you the information you need to maintain your brand equity. Who is currently undercutting my minimum prices, which categories and product types are particularly affected by this and which traders are undercutting or exceeding? Our software provides an answer to all of these questions.

More respect for your minimum prices

Who falls below my minimum price and how are the prices on the market currently related to the list price or the RRP? You maintain a detailed view of price development from the detailed individual product analysis, for bundles, product groups or the entire portfolio in order to be able to better assess the overall performance of your products. You can see immediately if someone disregards your minimum prices and you can act immediately.

map monitoring
map monitoring

No chance for gray imports and plagiarism

Taking corrective action in good time when a downward spiral is imminent is one of the most important approaches to maintaining healthy prices. The monitoring software shows you which sellers are offering counterfeit products and locates unauthorized dealers. Reliably recognize suppliers with which your products are defined as own brands or even counterfeit.

Show data that is important to you

Our monitoring software clearly displays all relevant data. We configure your dashboard for you in the way that is best suited for your e-commerce business.

Alerts and notifications - always up to date

Rely on the capabilities of modern software and identify price undercuts more quickly. Alarm functions warn you in good time of offers that seek to undercut your asking price. If you wish, you will receive an instant notification via your preferred channel or device, wherever you are.

map monitoring
map monitoring

Powerful tool for data analysis at hand at all times

Go deeper into your data with the help of Aimondo. You can examine the extent and frequency of price undercuts in detail and, if necessary, study historical trends in depth. The analysis provides you with patterns that can be recognized when the MAP is not reached. This is important for your strategic direction or tactical measures.

Comprehensive MAP monitoring

With us you can monitor all sales channels, even across borders. You can include any online store, currency or platform specification and get all the information you need to effectively prevent price wars from developing. The monitoring also extends to price comparison portals and marketplaces and platforms. Benefit from seamless monitoring - every day.

Obtain information about the availability of your provider

The price is not the only factor. What is the availability of the suppliers of your products and when are the products sold out? How big is the stock on the market and who has your products available. This is important information that, with our help, you can also incorporate into your decision-making processes. Obtain the decisive information advantage for the development of your sales strategies.

Immediately ready for RRP MAP monitoring

With our solution, you can start monitoring faster. We work with your existing data, simply import the data from your ERP, your shop system or PIM. The software's powerful export and import functions help you optimize your work with data and make processes run smoothly. In turn, make the results and evaluations easily available to all employees and partners, e.g. as CSV. Of course, all relevant information is also visualized in a very clear and easy-to-understand manner.

Our MAP monitoring is the direct way to monitor competition

With the monitoring software, price deviations in e-commerce can be displayed transparently. You benefit from the possibilities of automatic monitoring and have the certainty that the information provided is correct. If one of your competitors disregards the RRP, screenshots provide the proof. Accelerate your processes and your work and rely on the powerful software from Aimondo.

Meticulous. Intelligent. Accurate.


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