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Aimondo Smart Profit Indicator for Companies
Step 1
Your performance before re-pricing
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Cost of goods -
Total cost of operations -
Step 2
Calculate EBIT BOOST through Re-Pricing
in reality: "80 : 20" the principle: 80 % of your turnover are created by 20% of your products.
(the pareto-principle: 20% topseller-products drive 80 % of your turnover)
20% Topseller shall be optimized by % through Re-Pricing
80% of "long tail"-assortment shall be optimized by % through Re-Pricing
Start Calculation
Your results powered by AI EBIT BOOST - -
Absolute EBIT Difference
Relative EBIT Difference
3,600,000 6,300,000
3.6% 6.3%
Disclaimer (EN)

The Aimondo GmbH / Aimondo AG provides business simulation models for exemplary calculations on this website for the purpose of demonstrating the functionality and effectiveness of the “Aimondo Smart Repricing” algorithmus. Aimondo does not assume any liability or pay any damages that may be claimed due to possible scenarios that deviate from simulations of any kind and that actually occur with regard to company results, additional profit that can be achieved through “re-pricing” and the amount of the EBIT effect on the operating income statement of a company. Deviations of simulation results from real company situations are dependent on numerous internal and external circumstances that are beyond the control of Aimondo. All business algorithmus in the Aimondo EBIT Calculator (A. S. P. I. C. ) are prepared to the best of our knowledge and belief under model-like assumptions, in particular on the basis of a structured profit & loss statement of normal business practice. It does reflect an average standard that is based on realistically achievable economic application results of different specific types of companies (manufacturers, retail, online shop, retailers).