On Wednesday, 26.08, we will be releasing an update for the control panel. This comprises bug fixes and two new features as well as a comprehensive change to the navigation.

We are constantly improving the Control Panel to offer the best user experience and look forward to any feedback or enhancement requests.

If you have any suggestions or support needs, you can always contact us via the ticketsystem or by phone at +49 211 38736433.

control panel

New Product Grid

Within the Product Grid, you are now able to view the full set of data on one page, which should enhance your operational workflow. Grouping is now available to filter all of your products into different categories.

Furthermore, you are now able to use Pivot functionalities with your full stack of data.

You can now create many types of individual charts from the entire data set and configure them dynamically in different formats.

Customizable Charts

Now you have the possibility to create your own dynamic statistics and save them as a new page in your navigation. It will be available also for your coworkers and can be changed as often as you want.