Competitive analysis

Success in e-commerce means knowing more about my competitors than they do about me. Aimondo helps you with a competition analysis that consistently relies on modern approaches in data processing and leads directly to higher margins and sales.

competitive analysis

The best competitive analysis in the field

Do not waste any potential when it comes to analyzing your competition. We leave no aspect untouched and show you how things are with your competitors' items, ranges and sales channels. You will learn everything important about the competition and can position yourself optimally. With Aimondo, no change in the market goes unnoticed.

Our service provides you with all the data - automatically and with high quality

How do you keep track of a large number of relevant competitors and items and achieve meaningful analysis results despite the flood of data? With the SaaS solution from Aimondo. We rely on AI capabilities to evaluate data automatically. You can find out at any time who is promoting which item and where.

competitive analysis
competitive analysis

Develop your pricing strategy based on hard facts

A pure gut feeling will not get you very far in e-commerce. Use in-depth data analyses to find out which profit margins your competitors are working with and who is including whom in their monitoring. These are important insights for developing your own pricing strategy.

Be faster than the competition

Thanks to the automated monitoring of prices and competitors, you are always one step ahead. Your competitors' stocks do not remain hidden from you and you can adjust your prices immediately. Climb the coveted first places in the Google Shopping search and make sure that your margins do not deteriorate.

You decide what is important for your analysis

Our competitor analysis service only takes into account those competitors who are relevant to you and presents all data clearly. With our help, you create an optimal database for your decision-making. We collect the required data on price comparison websites and directly on the competitor's website for authentic information.

competitive analysis
competitive analysis

Fully committed to data quality

Thanks to the matching algorithm, you can be sure that you are working with high quality data at all times. This is crucial for analyses from which you can derive specific decisions for your business. We achieve a particularly high rate of valid hits and our software is constantly learning new things. Training with a huge number of data sets pays off for your competitive analysis.

Get full control of the data with little effort

Our service does not require any cumbersome setup, but is available immediately. Get right into the competitive analysis. We rely on a SaaS solution that conserves your IT resources and also allows less technically-minded employees and decision-makers to use it. Thanks to the broad support of interfaces and APIs, the data will always be allocated efficiently.

Clever bots will give you a hand

You don't have to do all the work yourself. We provide you with intelligent bots that help you analyze your competition. The structures and contents of the data sources can change at any time; our bots can handle them and still get all the information you want.

Always informed about current developments

What is currently happening in the competition and what is significant for you? Get automatic status messages and reports that go straight to your inbox. If necessary, we will send you alerts several times a day so that you don't miss any news. You decide how the reports should look and what information they should contain.

Deep insights into data history

Take a detailed look at how your competitors' prices have performed in the past. Who fell in the ranking and who was able to rise? We'll provide you with the answers.

Simple. Superior. Game-changing.


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