Put your brand at the center with AI solutions from Aimondo

We offer you the right solutions to optimally support your brand. Aimondo helps you to monitor all sales channels and dealers and keep an eye on the competition at all times. This is the only way to effectively protect your brand.


Price monitoring - watch prices promptly

With Aimondo you can monitor price developments in real time and never miss any important change in the market. When your competitors and sellers of your products make a decision, you are already informed about it and can react. The correct sales price is the guarantee of success for every online shop.

Hand over routine tasks to AI

If you rely on our solution, you will hardly have to do anything yourself. Our self-learning AI observes, analyzes and makes suggestions to help you do everything right regarding pricing. It creates the desired price transparency without you having to invest a lot for it. Price monitoring is our contribution to release resources in your company.


MAP Monitoring - your most important tool in the price war

With our solution for MAP monitoring, you will immediately find out if your minimum prices are undercut and can avoid price wars. The monitoring covers all categories and products that are important to you and provides you with indispensable information about individual products and product groups. This enables you to find suitable tactical measures and align yourself strategically in the best possible way.

Stay in control

Don't leave it to chance how customers perceive you. Gray imports and counterfeit products put your brand at risk and require timely corrective action. Our solution shows you who is currently selling counterfeit products and covers unauthorized dealers reliably for you.

Automate, understand and act

Automatic data analysis relieves you and your team and provides you with all the data that you need to improve your decision-making basis. You can tell immediately when there are gaps in the retailer range or availability deteriorates and can react immediately. Our solution is an important contribution to maintaining your healthy market position. With our help you will understand why things develop on the market as they do.

Market intelligence - make smarter decisions than the competition

Where is your current standing in the market, where are your products in their life cycle and is there an urgent need for action? If you have market intelligence, you steer towards the right places. We provide you with the appropriate analysis skills through AI.

Brand protection - your brand in first place

Brand perception is the decisive success factor in e-commerce today. Is there somebody who is not respecting your RRP or unauthorized dealers suddenly appear on the market ? Our solution informs you immediately and thus helps you to protect your brand equity. You always have full control over everything that happens concerning your company.

Today, brand protection is based on automation

Manual data analysis is not fast enough when it comes to protecting your brand. Aimondo is faster, more accurate, goes deeper and provides you with a data analysis that leaves no questions unanswered. You keep track of all market activities, even if there are large amounts of data available. Cover potentials for improvement in the online channel with our solution for brand protection so that your products gain the presence that they deserve.

Everything about your brand. In real time.


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