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How customers perceive a brand is one of the decisive factors for success for retailers in e-commerce today. Take control of your brand and invest in brand protection with Aimondo's SaaS solution.

brand protection

Put brand protection first

Our service offers you the technical support you need to maintain your brand value. If you rely on our solution, you will be informed about everything going on in online trading. You can go deep into data analysis and find out who does not respect your RRP and where there are unauthorized dealers. Our software automatically collects all data for you. Stay in control of your important brand.

How are my products doing online? Aimondo has the answer

Together with us, use all the options to monitor retailer pages and find out how the retailers present your products online. You'll find out everything you need to know about how you compare to the competitor brands. This is valuable information that will help you protect your brand equity.

brand protection

Carry out effective market research with our help

Today, no company can afford to leave data unused or disregarded. With Aimondo, you don't have to either, because we provide you with all the data for your market research. Analyze the product range of the retailers that are particularly important to you and find out everything that is important about your brand.

Well informed about your brand

Our software not only collects data, it visualizes it and clearly presents crucial information. Get all the benefits for your data analysis and see in detail how dealers present your products. You can see who has included which of your products in their catalog and examine the product range in detail.

Automatic data analyses: This is how brand protection works today

Rely on our superior solution to protect the essence of your brand. With a large number of retailers in particular, we offer you the opportunity to keep track of all market activities and identify changes that affect your brand value at an early stage. Rely on AI-supported pattern recognition and deal confidently with even the largest amounts of data.

brand protection

Get full control of your product presence

Are you already optimally positioned with your products in the online channel or is there a need for improvement? Our solution shows you where you stand and how you compare to the competition. You can find out everything about the products and see whether the dealers are displaying all the important information. We help you to quickly remedy deficits in this area.

Strengthen digital presence, increase reach

Visibility on the web is crucial and has a significant impact on your brand value. Our service shows you exactly with which pictures, prices, ratings and descriptions your products appear online and always in direct comparison to the competition. Increase your reach and see how you are doing on each e-commerce platform.

Protect your brand equity

Improve findability and conversion and invest in catalog governance with our help. Monitor at any time how you are ranking for the relevant search terms and make optimizations in good time. You will find out everything about availability and price changes over time and gain insights into the online merchandising of the competition. Thanks to Aimondo, you gain an all-round view of your brand and always initiate the necessary measures at the right time.

Take consistent action against counterfeit products

Counterfeit products damage your brand value and therefore need to be identified quickly and clearly. This is exactly what our service delivers. You can see immediately when counterfeit products appear in e-commerce and can react.

Set up your own reporting system for your brand protection

Thanks to automatically generated reports, you are informed about everything related to your brand. You decide how often you want to receive the reports and what should be included in them.

Simple. Superior. Game-changing.


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