No Limits Thanks to Artificial Intelligence

What is so special about Aimondo?

It is our aim to develop the ideal pricing tool for etailers, retailers and manufacturers with the highest ambitions. Since the emergence of Aimondo, the market around us did and still doesn´t offer the effective tool for a mix of business intelligence and fully automated right-pricing. We decided to go a new way and develop the somewhat different algorithm – based upon a platform of mathematically sound methods and a comprehensive technology knowledge we developed already years earlier. Within a coding framework of the most advanced tools we built a SaaS system of components of established and proven technology with elements of machine learning aspects and artificially intelligent highlights. Rock-solid, secure and future proof as well as highly efficient.

It took a little while. With a development time of about 4 years behind Aimondo a lot of effort has gone into the pre-marekt phase. But it was worth it. On average, most price optimizers find and analyze up to 55% of all existing offers for a specific product. This is considered the top value – until now. Aimondo reaches up to 85% and more. A value that speaks for itself. In an industry where mathematical logic is the only truth, this makes the difference. And the „slide control“ for price building parametres following the e- and retailer strategy requirements turn the difference into success.

Artificial Intelligence, 3D Pattern Recognition, Self-learning Algorithms

Highest Precision Thanks to Advanced Technology

As a self-learning algorithm, Aimondo refines its key capability with every new search for each individual product – with the aim to increase precision as well as efficiency further and further. Offering our customers the greatest possible benefits. The software is big data driven and cloud based. It collects, categorizes and stores vast amounts of information, which are evaluated in the interest of our customers. In combination with the Aimondo algorithm, these data are of great importance as they serve as “food” for artificial intelligence and 3D pattern recognition, making the algorithm better and more efficient. From Big Data to smart results at a fingertip. That´s how trading intelligence should be on the forefront of this decade.

Conviction That Pays Off. Especially for Aimondo Users!

Our Service

We are absolutely convinced by the quality of our product – and we want to convince you! That’s why we offer to test Aimondo before you decide. That´s why we don´t force anyone into long standing contracts. Get to know the superior operation of our algorithm without obligation. And experience the Aimondo effect! It is good for your stock turnover, your market position and your results. No matter whether your business is etailer, retailer or manufacturer. Having tested the pronciples of Aimondo’s qualification to secure and enhance your business substantially, you will receive your individual offer, exactly to your information and data delivery requirements. During a three month fine tuning period and even longer if needed, you have the right to adjust your depth of information. Or to terminate the cooperation at any time. Month by month. You have questions or need help, our friendly support team will gladly assist you with advice and action. Make use of it. It´s your right and it´s free.