Product Market Analysis & Dynamic Re-Pricing

Aimondo delivers you clarity about your competitors pricing structures and the right reactions within
a highly competitive environment.
The SaaS based artifecially intelligent system optimizes prices and profits. It condenses the overwhelming mass of the Internets Big Data into usable Smart Data. It keeps an eye on the competition thanks to it´s comprehensive and exact realtime analysis.
The algorithms produce the most accurate product lists, it compiles an in-depth analysis of the competition by scanning the worlds most important market places as well as industry specific webshops.
The important product comparison parametres are used from this compressed data set in conjunction with specific system settings. This builds the price that best corresponds to the given strategies with regards to volume and margin. It is modified taking into account the competitors standing in a given channel, pre-defined psychologically important cornerstones (charm pricing) and proposed to the trading system as a whole. Fully automated.

As Easy As 123

Control Panel

Aimondo offers a modern SaaS Service. No installation required, just use your preferred browser – wherever, whenever. Take your favorite device – your PC, the laptop or tablet. The search, finding and the analysis is just a fingertip away. Big data of your competition will be researched in all their complexity in the shortest possible time, intelligently compressed into usable smart data. Ready for use – no matter whether you need them to oberserve the competition or to create dynamic optimal re-pricing.

Clear Dashboard

The intuitive design and logically structured menu navigation of the Aimondo Dashboard keeps you up to date at all times. No matter when, no matter where.

Significant Data

See at a glance how the price development of your products is compared to the competition and how you can perform in the online ranking.

Real-Time Analysis

The more actual your information are, the more valuable they are. That’s why the Aimondo Fast Lane feature collects near real-time data about your competition at any time. And prepares the „right price“ to achieve the target.

Personal Watchlist

Your individual watchlist remembers your top sellers and tells you where they stand. Of course with all relevant details. Price, context, competitors.

3D Pattern Recognition

Aimondo does not only analyse rigid scan criteria, but also discovers similarities with previous, successful search queries. Pattern recognition and machine learning features are just two of the artificially intelligent search & find features.

All Channels

Thanks to its special AI features, the Aimondo algorithm works completely independent on all sales-channels, regardless of criteria such as EAN. For dozens, hundreds, thousands and hundredthousands items. Day by day.

The Transparent Online Solution for Etailers, Retailers, Manufacturers and Brands.

Who benefits most from Aimondo?

Aimondo is in a position to provide the decisive information and to help ambitious e- and re-tailers to further grow. At the same time, Aimondos business intelligence solution can be used strategically. In order to observe the competition and analyse the strategies of market leaders. Precisely targeted market share and leadership actions come into scope. This is precisely where Aimondo is positioned: as the transparent solution for e- and re-tailers, manufacturers and brands, whose stated goal is market leadership.